How to Become a Health Care Technology Partner

Partnering for Your Success

At HCT, we take the relationships with our manufacturing partners very seriously. When you apply to partner with us and access our sales force, warehousing and distribution, we start with an in-depth analysis of your products and devices to ensure they fit the needs of our customers, as well as our current portfolio.

We also request customer feedback on any proposed technologies prior to making a final decision and look for manufacturers who applaud that approach.


Since 1989, HCT has served as a leading specialty distribution organization, providing an outside sales force that allows our manufacturing partners to have local representatives in the geographies we cover. HCT’s dedicated operations and sales team has an extensive and successful track record of navigating the distribution in the challenges in distributions in healthcare systems across the country.

Our long- term relationships with supply chain personnel within acute, non-acute and specialty pharmacies settings gives us the ability to get your medical equipment into the hands of decision-makers.


Our well-established supply channels and our dedicated work within acute and non-acute care, as well as compounding pharmacies provide a lower barrier to entry for manufacturers and devices that are new to the market and enhanced access to these potential customers. We focus on filling the gaps in our partner’s organizations to increase profitability.

What we look for in a
Manufacturing Partner


Dedication to customers

We are dedicated to providing devices to acute and non-acute organizations and specialty pharmacies that we can back 100%, and we expect the same dedication from our partners.


Diversity of product offerings

We thoroughly vet each proposed technology to ensure they do not compete with other products in our portfolio, in order to prevent devaluation of your product and your brand.


Quality of manufacturing

At Healthcare Technology, we choose only the highest quality products to help organizations drive the best clinical outcomes.

Reach out to us today to find out more about how we can provide the outside sales force, warehousing and distribution you need to reach more organizations in the acute, non-acute and specialty pharmacy space to grow revenue for your organization.


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