Leading distribution organization specialists

Areas of Focus

As a leading specialty distribution organization, HCT focuses primarily in the specialty pharmacy, vascular access and airway management space. We provide specialty distribution in vascular access and airway management for the acute and non-acute care space and act as a one-stop shop for compounding pharmacies. We offer trusted distribution services and products from the best brands at the lowest prices possible. We provide end-to-end services that touch many departments in a single location, allowing hospitals to locate an array of products from a single point of contact.


Specialty Pharmacy

At HCT, the largest division of our portfolio centers on the specialty pharmacy space. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering everything but the drug to pharmacies across the country. We work with 503A, 503B, hospitals, and home care pharmacies, providing USP 797 and USP 800 compliant and admixture products.


Vascular Access

For the majority of patient care performed in clinics and hospitals each day, vascular access is essential. At HCT, we offer a diverse portfolio of world class solutions, including infusion therapy disposables to improve procedural efficiencies, advance patient outcomes, and increase health care economic value.


Airway Management

HCT is proud to have partnered with leading respiratory and anesthesia companies that align with our value-based model to offer a diverse range of disposable products. With a focus on respiratory and anesthesia for NICU as well as the EMS space, our portfolio delivers exceptional clinical outcomes while providing cost savings.


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