Specialty Pharmacy

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At HCT, the largest division of our portfolio centers around the specialty pharmacy space. In fact, we pride ourselves on delivering everything but the drug to pharmacies across the country. We work with 503A, 503B, hospital and home care pharmacies, providing USP 797 and USP 800 compliant and admixture products.

USP 797 and USP 800 products in our portfolio including disinfectants and sterile wipes for use in the pharmacy, as well as necessary PPE to protect staff members and employees. We also offer quality assurance products to support compliance, including media fills and auger plates.

Admixture products in our portfolio include tubing sets, admixture devices for compounding, repeater pumps, syringes, and products for drug filling. Additionally, we offer an entire portfolio of tamper evident products, including caps and clamps, as well as empty EVA bags for pooling and finish fill.

Health Care Technology offers complete solutions and devices for your admixture process, and our team is ready to help you source everything but the drug in one place.


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